South River Organic Miso

South River Organic Miso

Nutrient-rich and packed with live lactobacilli (if unpasteurized), miso has been found to reduce the risk of some cancers and other health conditions.

Miso, a fermented soybean paste, has been part of Japanese diets for millennia and has its origins in Chinese doujiang. Nutrient-rich in part because the fermentation process it goes through breaks down the oils, proteins and carbohydrates in soybeans and makes it easier for the body to digest, miso is high in fibre and all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is an excellent source of minerals and is high in manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, copper and phosphorus. In addition, miso is a significant source of phytonutrient antioxidants that remove cell-destroying free radicals from the body. The levels of some of these antioxidants have even been found to increase when it is fermented for a longer time. Furthermore, live enzyme-rich unpasteurised miso restores beneficial probiotics to the intestines and aids digestion. While high in sodium, the impact of the salt content in miso on blood pressure is very different from that of table salt. Although high-salt diets derived from table salt raise blood pressure, those derived from miso do not.

There is a wide spectrum of miso available, but they are broadly divided between light and dark varieties. They all add a kick of umami to your dishes and can be used in marinades and dressings, as well as stir-fries, soups and stews. Light or white miso is usually mellow tasting, sweeter and less salty. Add it to potato and daikon gratin for a delightfully sweet and savoury east-west creation. White miso pairs well with tahini and tastes great glazed over fish or blended into a salad dressing. Dark or red miso is saltier and more pungent. It is often the basis of miso soup and gives depth and complexity to stews and slow-cooked dishes. When stored tightly sealed in a glass jar or plastic container placed in the refrigerator, miso can last for a very long time.

At SuperNature, we carry the following from South River, a family owned, artisan miso company located at South River Farm in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Conway, Massachusetts. They have been making hand crafted, wood fired, certified organic miso for over thirty years according to a centuries-old, Japanese farmhouse tradition. This is miso making practiced in a time-honored way in an atmosphere where careful food preparation is considered fundamental to the healing arts.

  • South River Chick Pea Miso
  • South River Sweet White Miso
  • South River Hearty Brown Rice Miso
  • South River Three Year Barley Miso
  • South River Sweet Tasting Brown Rice Miso
  • South River Golden Millet Miso

Organic miso is available at SuperNature Forum.