Probios Pasta

Probios Pasta

Florentine organic food brand Probios focuses on creating accessible products that transform the eat organic mantra from a trend into a complete way of life. 

Probios pastas are made with organically grown ingredients and do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or preservatives. Furthermore, its wheat and Kamut pastas are made with stoneground flour kneaded and shaped using traditional techniques. The result is pasta with extraordinary porosity that cooks well and readily absorbs any sauce or condiment. Both qualities are prized by food lovers. A broad range of pasta shapes also ensures that there is a pasta for every gastronomic preference and need.

Kamut or khorasan wheat is nutritionally superior to ordinary wheat and has been found to be suitable for many people who are wheat-intolerant. But in addition to Probios’ Kamut pastas, the brand also manufactures gluten-free corn pastas as well as rice pastas made with the best Italian rice. Both are ideal alternatives for people with special dietary needs.

Probios pastas are available at SuperNature Forum and online.