The SuperNature Baker’s Pantry

The SuperNature Baker’s Pantry

We’ve been baking up a storm ourselves, and witnessing firsthand how much of a difference our choice of ingredients can make. In turn, we’ve been inspired to fill our shelves with excellent baking substitutes that will enable you to bake and enjoy healthier, organic baked goods at home. 

At the top of our list are Ener-G Foods’ Egg Replacer, Pure Rice Bran and Pure Tapioca Flour. Ener-G Foods is one of America’s foremost producers of foods for diet-restrictive individuals. Their top selling egg substitute made with potato and tapioca starch mimics what eggs do in baking recipes, turning egg-free baking into a much simpler exercise.

We’ve been fans of Dove Farm’s organic and gluten-free flours for quite some time now. Their rice flour is easy to digest and can be used in puddings and biscuits, as well as a thickener in sauces. This family-owned British organic flour specialist also carries a whole range of specialist, gourmet flours, including ancient wheat variety, khorasan which was originally grown for the pharaohs in Egypt; stoneground organic spelt flour; wholemeal rye flour; and naturally gluten- and wheat-free wholegrain buckwheat flour.

Oregon-based Bob’s Red Mill has a truly remarkable range of flours. It’s well worth seeking out their organic wholegrain amaranth, quinoa and dark rye flours. Simply follow the tips for ingredient substitutions listed on each package to create delicious breads, cakes and other oven baked treats.

Finally, we have plenty of choices when it comes to sweetening things. Try Navitas Naturals’ coconut sugar, an ideal replacement for cane sugar in baked goods that has also been recognized as the most sustainable sweetener in the world. It is a low Glycemic Index (GI) sugar with a wonderful caramel-like flavour. But what sweetens the deal is the fact that coconut sugar contains more nutrients than other sweeteners. They include potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin C and many of the B vitamins. Billington’s dark muscovado made of natural, unrefined cane sugar is excellent in rich dark chocolate cakes and other equally indulgent confections. While there is some controversy over the use of agave, we’d still recommend it over refined sugar any time. Biona’s rich and mellow, low GI organic agave syrup is great served over pancakes. It can also be used in place of corn syrup as well as granulated sugar.

Fill your pantry shelves with our impressive array of baker’s essentials at SuperNature Forum or through our eShop.