Vivani chocolates

VIVANI Organic Chocolates

VIVANI's range of organic chocolates is produced at the family business of Ludwig Weinrich, using only the  finest organically grown ingredients, the best recipes, proficiency and skill combined with the most up-to-date production equipment and careful quality control.

Their desire to convince you of the constant quality of our chocolate made them invest heavily in healthy agricultural practices in countries where their  raw materials come from. By using crops from Third World regions, they help to promote small scale farming and to protect the environment from pesticides and other chemical products. The higher prices paid for organically grown cocoa beans and raw cane sugar result in a higher standard of living for the producers in the countries of origin.

We love the taste and flavour of VIVANI's chocolates. In particular, the Hazelnut chocolate really satiates our tastebuds, leaving us wanting more!