Nature’s Superfoods

Nature’s Superfoods

Perfect for busy individuals who don’t have the time to worry if they’re meeting their daily nutritional needs, Nature’s Superfoods provides a convenient way to boost nutrient intake.

 Here are a few of our recommendations:

Raw & Wildcrafted Moringa Leaf Powder

Meet Mother Nature’s multivitamin – the Moringa. Known in many cultures as the ‘Tree of Life’, this ayurvedic favourite strengthens the immune system, prevents osteoporosis, improves bone health, controls high blood pressure, and more. Just sprinkle some over your morning oatmeal or into your yoghurt for a quick energy boost.

Instant Organic Quinoa Chia Powder

Two is better than one. That’s why Nature’s Superfoods combines quinoa and chia seeds into an instant powder that can be added to beverages, cereals, porridge - and even soups and stews - for an instant health boost. With a slightly nutty flavour, this potent combination improves cholesterol levels, cleans your digestive track and supports weight loss.

Organic Purple Corn Quinoa Puffs Mulberries Cereal 

This cereal mix comprises purple corn, quinoa, raw cacao nibs, yacon root and sundried white mulberries. Rich in protein, vitamins, fibre and immune-boosting antioxidants, start your day right with this delicious wholegrain breakfast.

A selection of Nature’s Superfoods is available in store and online.