Infinity Foods

Whole foods from Infinity Foods

Enjoy the natural goodness of unadulterated seeds, beans and pulses from Infinity Foods.

Seeds, beans and pulses are great sources of protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates. They’re also packed with vitamins and minerals, and are low in saturated fat and salt. We love the natural goodness of the organic seeds, beans and pulses from Infinity Foods. From its inception, UK-based Infinity Foods has been committed to providing unadulterated natural foods. Its house brand line of whole foods, also called Infinity Foods, are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible. A majority of the brand’s products are certified organic and adhere to fair trade standards.

We recommend Infinity Foods Organic French Lentils, which are the same variety as Puy lentils. Needing no soaking and taking only 20 minutes to cook, they’re wonderfully fast food that provide the soluble fibre that lower harmful LDL cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, stablise blood sugar levels, replenish iron stores and supply essential vitamins and minerals.

Their Organic Chickpeas are great in soups, salads or casseroles and can also be pureed. A significant percentage of the fibre in chickpeas is insoluble, helping to keep our colons healthy and decreasing cardiovascular risks (chickpeas are considered outstanding on this front). In addition, they boast concentrated levels of phytonutrients as well as manganese, both important antioxidants critical for good health. Chickpeas have also been found to be helpful in managing your weight (people who eat chickpeas regularly tend to consume less snacks as they find themselves feeling less hungry).

Also try Infinity Foods Organic Soya Beans, the greatest source of complete protein among legumes (it contains the nine essential amino acids necessary for basic cell function). Soya Beans have a high concentration of calcium (great protection against osteoporosis) and also contain isoflavones that can ease the symptoms of menopause. They are delicious simply soaked and then boiled. The cooked beans can then be added to soups or salads or eaten on their own. Dried soya beans can also be used to make soya milk.

Infinity Foods Organic Sunflower Seeds, an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium, make a wonderful snack and can be tossed into cereals, salads and homemade trail mixes. And Infinity Foods Organic Amaranth, a gluten-free grain that is rich in vitamins and minerals, and provides complete protein is easily added to breads, cereals and muffins.

Infinity Foods is available at SuperNature Forum and online.