Clearspring's Authentic Japanese Seasonings

Enjoy the finest flavours and nutritional benefits of Japanese ingredients with Clearspring's range of traditionally made artisan seasonings.

Clearspring’s chairman, Christopher Dawson, lived in Japan for 18 years during which time he travelled extensively throughout the country, building up long-lasting and close working relationships with the finest traditional producers around the country. As a result, Clearspring has brought together a range of Japanese products that deliver superb taste, flavour and nutrition. Committed to distributing great tasting traditional foods that support good health, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide economic stability for producer communities, Clearspring’s range includes items made using traditional methods and recipes dating back 200 to 500 years or more!

The range includes a wide selection of sea vegetables such as arame, hijiki, nori, wakame, and kombu that is harvested wild (a lot of Japanese kombu is now cultivated). For your convenience, they also have pre-mixed sea vegetable salads. To add authentic and delicious Japanese flavour to your dishes, try their organic teriyaki sauce and shoyu. Also not to be missed is their organic brown rice ramen that cooks as easily as instant noodles, but pack in superior nutrition and taste.

Clearspring is available at SuperNature Forum and eShop.