Absolute essential

Absolute Essential Sleep and Travel Aids

This summer break, beat jet lag with Absolute Essential's essential oil formulations for adults and children.

Absolute Essential’s plant based organic natural therapeutics support the body’s natural processes to promote optimum health and well being. The New Zealand brand’s Twinkle Star (organic) blend especially developed for children contains true lavender, Roman chamomile, eucalyptus smithii, mandarin, sweet orange and lavandin sweet abrial. It has been carefully crafted to encourage the calmness and relaxation necessary for deep sleep and promotes easy breathing—the parent’s perfect ammunition against jet lag. Use it in the diffuser, place a few drops on your child’s pillow, or add it to bath water or massage cream.
Their Travelwell formulations similarly offer natural support for adults dealing with time zone challenges. Travelwell: Awake (organic) is a revitalising oil which has a stimulating, refreshing scent that helps you remain alert while your body-clock catches up to the time change. Simply apply drops to your wrists and neck to maintain mental clarity. While Travelwell: Slumber (organic) has a deeply relaxing aroma that enhances natural relaxation and helps the body achieve restorative sleep.
Twinkle Star, Travelwell: Awake and Travelwell: Slumber are available at SuperNature Forum and Paragon.