Quantum Nutrition Labs supplements

Go Quantum for supplements made from naturally ocurring nutrient sources, not synthetics, and feel the difference. 

Dietary supplements may be the clear solution for ensuring that your body is getting all the vital nutrients it needs, but in fact, not all supplements are made equal. Many are synthetic and merely mimic natural vitamins. Your body will only absorb a small percentage of the synthetic alternative. Furthermore, the synthetic or isolated supplements lack the naturally occuring synergists, co-factors and transporters needed to metabolise the nutrients effectively. That’s where choosing the all natural option makes all the difference. And that’s why we’ve chosen to stock supplements from Quantum Nutrient Labs which are only drawn from the very best, 100 per cent whole nutrient sources.

The Daily Multi-Quantum is a great all-in-one, phytonutrient formula extracted from live sources for the entire family. But Quantum has a wide range of supplements targeted at addressing very specific needs. To aid digestion, try Quantum Probiotic Complex, which contains a full spectrum of living, beneficial bacteria that has proven to help eliminate bad bacteria from the colon and remove toxins; Quantum HCL, which only contains natural-source betaine hydrochloride that assist the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients; and Quantum Premier Digest, which contains full spectrum enzymes that aid the digestion of fat, protein, starch, lactose, sugar and fibre.

When sleeplessness strikes, we reach for Melatonin-PG, probiotic generated, non-synthetic melatonin which provides healthy brain, sleep, immune and antioxidant support. And when life deals us a couple of bumps and scrapes, we choose Quantum Nucleotide Complex. It provides healthy immune support while promoting protein synthesis and cellular rejuvenation—which helps in the healing of scars and broken bones. For blood pressure care, we recommend Quantum Blood Pressure Complex, the ultimate supplement for blood pressure care which contains a powerful mycelial mushroom (maitake) extract, Italian olive leaf extract and critical co-factors and synergists for exceptional heart and circulation support.

A wider range of supplements from Quantum Nutrient Lab are available in-store. Come achieve quantum-state with their fantastic whole nutrient sourced products now!