Minami Omiage PeriNatal 58% Omega-3

Minami Omiage PeriNatal 58% Omega-3

To give you added nourishment during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Omiage delivers high quality DHA, vitamins and minerals in its specially formulated combination of tablets and soft gels.

Not all health supplements are made equal. This is even more significant when you’re focusing on nourishing tender new life. Minami Nutrition’s products deliver among the highest concentrations of meaningful omega-3s in smaller and lesser pills. Their oil contains among the lowest amount of fillers, delivering unprecedented levels of concentration, purity and sustainability.

Omiage, the brand’s special pregnancy and breastfeeding supplement, provides beneficial omega-3 to support eye and brain development in fetuses and breastfed infants in the form of a soft gel, and a PeriNatal tablet which packs in the folic acid vital to the formation of the placenta and the growth of the uterus and breasts during pregnancy. It also contains iodine, iron, vitamin D and other essential vitamins that contribute to normal growth, cognitive development, bone growth and overall fetal development.  

Minami Omiage PeriNatal 58% Omega-3 is available at SuperNature Forum and through our eShop.