SuperNature - Absolute Essential

Holistic Healing with Absolute Essential

We all get occasional bouts of anxiety attacks or unbearable migraines. And popping a pill often seems like the best – and fastest solution – to make these issues go away.    

Instead of taxing your body with medication that could potentially have side effects in the long run, why not go for a holistic alternative that’s safe for you and your family?

Besides carrying a wide range of pure plant-based oils, New Zealand-based Absolute Essential also crafts an array of therapeutic oil blends using sustainably sourced organic essential oils. These blends work in harmony to gently and naturally bring balance to your body. Whether you’re constantly battling stress or need help to lull the little ones to sleep, Absolute Essential has the natural solution you’re seeking.

Here are a few of our absolute essentials:

Head Ease Blend
Still the mind, refresh the intellect and promote clarity with this pure blend. From headaches to hangovers, simply apply a drop to the back of the neck and breathe in deeply to ease the discomfort. 

Stress Less
Feel your stress melt away with each whiff of this. An effective concoction that naturally relieves tension and calms the mind, this blend helps to re-establish balance and create a sense of tranquility when the going gets tough.

Twinkle Star
This goodnight kiss comes wrapped in softly scented tranquility that encourages sweet dreams and restful sleep. Suitable to add to the bath, for diffusion or for drops on a pillow, Twinkle Star promotes easy breathing and encourages the calmness necessary for deep sleep.