Benefit from nature's healing in its purest form with Weleda's natural medicines. 

Weleda seeks out the purest wild-crafted, organically and bio-dynamically cultivated ingredients for its products while holding itself to sustainable and fair trade business practices. Eschewing synthetics of any kind, the brand commits to developing natural remedies that work with your body’s own ability to heal.

The next time you stock up your medicine cabinet, you might want to consider filling it with some of nature’s salves. We recommend Weleda’s top-selling Arnica Cream for relieving bruises, sprains, aches and pains. Arnica has been used for such medicinal purposes since the 1500s. Its active components include flavonoids known to reduce inflammation and ease pain. It also contains thymol, an essential oil that fights infection, and carotenoid, a powerful antioxidant. Waleda’s Calendula Healing Ointment is a traditional, herbal product that assists in the healing of cuts, abrasions and wounds. Calendula, commonly referred to as marigold, is a gentle and nourishing botanical that possesses powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

For soothing relief, try Weleda’s Massage Balm With Arnica. It is an excellent oil for massaging into the affected area as it brings warmth and relief from pain, and helps prevent muscle stiffening. This massage balm is ideal for addressing rheumatic and muscular pain, stiffness, backache, fibrositis, sprains and bruising.

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