Rhug Estate Welsh Lamb

Rhug Estate Organic Welsh Lamb

Rhug Estate is a lauded 1,050-hectare organic farm in North Wales especially famed for its award-winning salt marsh lamb that has won the approval of top chefs for its robust, succulent meat.

When it comes down to flavour, it’s a matter of personal preference. What’s tastier on the palate depends on the individual. But chefs and restaurateurs, as well as an increasing number of consumers have chose to cook with organic produce because it is superior in taste. This matters most when the natural flavour of the ingredient is destined to be the focal point of the dish.

In the context of a traditional feast, the classic roast pretty much anchors every menu. We seek out Rhug Estate's organic salt marsh lamb (otherwise referred to as agneau de pré-salé among the French who consider it a gourmet delicacy) because the lambs graze on wild herbs and grass that naturally grow in the salty soil of salt marshes, giving the meat a deliciously savoury undertone. The salt marsh lambs from Rhug Estate are bred on their coast farm that runs down the shores of Caernarfon Bay in Wales. The sea laps its way over their fields in the winter and their lambs feed on the saltmarsh grasses, samphire, sorrel, sea lavender and thrift that naturally spring up in these fields. This gives the meat a unique flavour, one that chefs appreciate.

Rhug Estate's diced and minced lamb, lamb rack, lamb shoulder and leg of lamb are available at SuperNature Forum and online.

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