Alaskan Seafood

Enhance Your Health, Dine on Alaskan Seafood

By managing protection against overfishing, habitat destruction and pollution, Alaska has ensured and helped preserve a healthy and sustainable marine ecosystem. The result? Wild, natural and deliciously fresh seafood that can be enjoyed by the present generation and their posterity.

 Why Eat Alaskan Seafood?


    •       Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

When it comes to brain and heart health, nothing comes close to the power of seafood omega-3 fatty acids. Many species with the highest levels of omega-3s come from Alaska, including the wild Alaskan Salmon and Black Cod.


    •       Lowest Mercury Levels

Panic fear of mercury poisoning should not deter you from eating fish. Mercury can be detected in virtually all seafood, but the health benefits far outweigh the harm. Alaskan salmon and cod have one of the lowest mercury levels of all seafood.  


    •       Lower risk of heart disease

Seafood supports heart function. Research has shown that eating fatty fish regularly:

    –      lowers likelihood of heart disease

    –      reduces the chance of sudden death

    –      reduces inflammatory substance produced in the heart arteries

    –      decreases the chance of stroke


    •       Pregnancy and infancy

The intake of nearly all nutrients is an important dietary need during pregnancy. As most maternal diets are low in Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Omega-3, these nutrients need to come from other sources. DHA is mainly found in fish and shell fish. Mothers who eat fish while they are pregnant and nursing ensure that their babies have enough for adequate brain and eye development.




    •       Increased Brain Function

Omega-3s provide the brain with the mental edge. Omega-3 are linked to faster brain function, protection of neurons, strong cognitions and memory, rapid responses to hormones and regulatory substance, and improves brain cell repair and regeneration


    •       Immune Function

Regardless of age, Omega-3 may slow down overactive immune responses, making symptoms of inflammation less severe. It may also help lessen the symptoms of childhood allergies as well as ease rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and digestive disorders.

*they work to relieve not cure


    •       Reduce risk of diabetes

Diabetes has been rising over the years. Consuming fish with high Omega-3 content may have a positive effect on glucose and insulin metabolism. They also reduce inflammatory processes in the body that contributes to diabetes.


“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates


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