Inglewood Farms organic chicken

Inglewood Farms organic chicken

Chicken is a great source of clean protein, and the organic options are not only healthier and tastier, but also more humane and better for the environment. In Queensland Australia, Inglewood Farms raise their chickens on organic feed, and avoid hormones and antibiotics. Exactly as nature intended it.

Organic chicken today tastes like chicken used to in the good old days before intensive farming became the norm. They live longer than conventional chickens and have better muscle tone, which means the flesh is firmer. Additionally, the meat is not irradiated or bleached during processing, so you really can taste the difference. SuperNature offers the option of a whole chicken to roast, or prime cuts of thighs, breast, wings, leg and drumsticks for your home recipes.

Organics is not just about being chemical free, it is about the way our food is grown and handled throughout the whole system. Organic standards insist on recycling, biodiversity and reparation of any soil and water degradation. Inglewood use
a ‘closed loop’ production
system where they hatch their own chickens, grow their own organic grain, mill their own feed, and recycle waste into composted fertilizer.

All integrity safeguards are government controlled and independently audited. They are certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), who is the certifying arm of the BFA (Biological Farmers Association - Australia’s largest and most reputable certifier responsible for the bulk of organic producers in the country. Inglewood Farms are also certified Free Range by FREPA (Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia).

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