Savoy Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

Enjoy cancer-fighting savoy cabbages, the most tender of cabbages, at their peak. 

The savoy cabbage has distinctive leaves that are beautifully crinkly and range from dark to pale yellow-green. 

Its mild, sweet flavour makes it delicious served raw (shredded in a slaw, for example); steamed and stuffed (like an alternative to vine leaves in dolmades); or stir-fried. 

What’s remarkable about including cabbages in your diet is the benefit of cancer prevention. Cabbages are excellent sources of vitamins C and A, and have high levels of polyphenols. All account for the significant levels of antioxidants in cabbages. Polyphenols also provide anti-inflammatory benefits, while glucosinolates found in cabbages (specifically glucobrassicin and sinigrin in savoy cabbages) can be converted into cancer preventing isothiocyanate compounds. A recent study indicates that only briefly cooked and raw cabbages are beneficial to cancer prevention. Steamed cabbage has also been found to lower cholesterol (even more so than raw cabbage).

Choose cabbages that are firm and seem heavy for their size. Leaves should be shiny and crisp. If possible, buy your cabbages whole. Once they’ve been cut, they rapidly lose their vitamin C content. Store them whole and tightly wrapped in the refrigerator. Once cut, consume as quickly as possible.

Organic savoy cabbages are available at SuperNature Forum and online.