Got Mylk?

Got Mylk?

Whether you’re lactose-intolerant, looking to minimise your environmental footprint or simply curious if mylks can measure up to regular milk, there are plenty of reasons to give these plant-based dairy alternatives a go.

Fresh off the shelves, here are our top picks for mylks, yoghurts and more:



Delicate, creamy and absolutely delicious, Forager’s plant-based milk alternatives are made with a special blend of organic coconut, cashew and/or oats. The perfect vegan-friendly dairy alternative for use in cereals, smoothies and your favourite bakes.


Malibu Mylk

The world’s first organic flax milk, Malubu Mylk is made with whole flaxseeds and is chock-full of natural fibres, omega-3s, proteins and pre-biotics to make you feel your very best. With a wide selection of flavours, there’s bound to be one to suit your taste.



A healthful choice for those opting to go dairy-free, Ripple carries a nutritious range of 100 per cent vegan, nut-, lactose- and gluten-free milks and yoghurts that you’ll love. Using only the finest peas in its products, Ripple packs in the proteins while offering a rich, creamy and satisfying alternative to dairy. 

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