Gluten-Free Applegate Deli Meats

Gluten-Free Applegate Bacon and Deli Meats

You will be happy to know that not only are most of Applegate's products gluten-free, they are also casein and egg-free.

A product is gluten-free if it does not contain gluten, a substance found predominately in the grains wheat, rye and barley.
Many of Applegate's products such as deli meats, bacon and hot dogs are naturally gluten free since they are made with just meats and seasonings, and checks and balances have been put in place to avoid cross-contamination at the facilities where they are made.

For breaded products that do contain grains, Applegate sends their products for testing, and in return obtaining a gluten-free certificate based on parts per million (ppm) testing for each batch. Applegate requires each batch to be under 10-ppm to be certified gluten-free, which is above and beyond the FDA regulation, which requires less than 20-ppm.

Safely tuck into Applegate's delicious bacons, hot dogs, hams and sausage, available at SuperNature Forum and online.