Your Guide to a Healthier Hotpot

Your Guide to a Healthier Hotpot

Contributed by Nutritionist and Naturopath Tiffany Wee

Good Bones Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth

The secret to a delicious hotpot lies in the soup base. Packed with flavour, this organic and gluten-free broth is made with bones from Inglewood Farms free-range chickens, slow-cooked over low heat for 12 hours. The result is a nutritious golden broth rich in protein, collagen, and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which support healthy skin, cartilage and bone. Brimming with gut-healing gelatin, it also aids digestion by increasing hormones and gastric juices in your gut.


An ingredient that symbolizes abundance, this mollusk is a good source of iodine, which promotes thyroid health. Besides aiding liver detox, it keeps joints and connective tissues healthy.

Dried Mushroom

A powerful source of ergothioneine, an amino acid and antioxidant that slows cellular damage and lowers the risk of cancer. With its high vitamin D content, it boosts immune function and reduces inflammation.

Grass-fed Shabu Shabu Beef

Packed with protein and iron for growth and energy, it also boasts high levels of glutathione - commonly known as the master antioxidant - that is linked to longevity and disease prevention.

Red Snapper

A heart-healthy option thanks to its high omega-3 fatty acids content. Rich in selenium, it is beneficial to thyroid health and improves the body's ability to fight infections.

Frenz Organic Eggs

Frenz's hens are allowed to roam and forage on nutritious green pastures, producing delicious eggs that have all the health benefits of exercise and a varied diet - higher natural protein and omega-3 levels, and less saturated fats.

Mekhala Organic Coriander Ginger Sauce

A fuss-free organic dip that is vegan-friendly and gluten-free, this sauce is made with ginger, which reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. Coriander improves digestion and appetite, while lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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