A Wellness Guide to Post-Pandemic Travel

A Wellness Guide to Post-Pandemic Travel

Contributed by Nutritionist and Naturopath Tiffany Wee

Holidays always require planning and preparation. With most of us taking our first trip in these post-pandemic times, there are even more considerations to note.

After all, the last thing you need is endless pharmacy visits - or worse yet, an emergency trip to the hospital - to mar the experience. Here are some tips to ensure you stay safe and well while having fun.

Boost Immunity Prior to Your Trip

    Boosting your health and immunity is a long-term preventative measure that reduces your chances of catching nasty bugs while abroad.
    • To boost immunity:
      Eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods including a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein and good fats Consider adding supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin and selenium to your diet Improve gut health with fermented foods and take a probiotics supplement. Besides improving general immunity, this strengthens your intestinal health, reducing gut sensitivity to new foods that you may encounter Stay hydrated

      Bring Along a Travel First Aid Kit

        Readily available in travel-friendly sizes at health food stores like SuperNature, here are some essentials that may come in handy for travel emergencies.
        • To maintain overall immunity:
          Shelf-stable Probiotics - These boost immunity and gut health while preventing mild food poisoning and minimising discomfort caused by food sensitivities.
        • At the first sign of infection:
          Kiwiherb Organic Echinature - Supports the health and function of the immune system and reduces the severity of upper respiratory tract infections. A formulation suitable for children is also available.
        • For throat relief:
          Anaya Trigona Throat Spray - Proven to kill 83 per cent of bad bacteria, this low-sugar spray is rich in propolis for immune and throat support.
        • For insect bites and stings:
          All Terrain Herbal Armor - This DEET-Free natural insect repellent helps to keep bugs away, so you can enjoy the outdoors naturally.
        • Weleda Stings & Bites Relief - Arnica and nettle in the formulation work to relieve itchy insect and spider stings and bites. Convenient to use, its spray-on application avoids the need for touching or rubbing tender skin.
        • For bruises, strain and sprain:
          Weleda Arnica 6x Drops - Contains homeopathic arnica to improve recovery after sports, injury or surgery. Helps heal bruising, pain and swelling of strained and sprained tissue and muscles. 
        • For travel or motion sickness:
          Peppermint Tea or Essential Oil - Provides relief from nausea, headaches, digestive cramps and itchy insect bites. When rubbed on the spine or feet, peppermint oil can also temporarily relieve a mild fever. Those with sensitive skin should dilute peppermint oil with a balm or base oil prior to application.
        • Remember to update your kit with Covid-19 essentials as well.

          Safe travels!