Mindful Gifting

Mindful Gifting

Contributed by SuperNature

The pressure. The obligation. The expectations.

Very often, in our rush to check off that seemingly endless holiday gift list, many of us are guilty of gifting run-off-the-mill presents for the sake of it. Ones that bear no meaning for its recipients - that invariably end up being put aside.

Perhaps it’s time to make a change this festive season and gift mindfully. After all, presents are meant to be an expression of gratitude and love. Here are some tips on how to practise mindful gifting this holiday:


    1.     Think about recipient’s values

A good start would be to put yourself in the shoes of your loved ones. Based on their character, personality or the values that they uphold, ask yourself: what makes them tick? What are their priorities? What makes them smile?

It can be as simple as a recipe book for a loved one embarking on a wellness journey. Or a thoughtfully put together hamper of dairy-free treats and supplements for your vegan friend.

Spending a little time to answer those questions can make all the difference to finding a gift that will be treasured.

     2.    Share gifts from the heart that foster connection

Why not give something that brings you closer to others while encouraging a meaningful connection? It could be a product or an experience that you’ve personally tried and know that special someone will absolutely love. Or something that truly resonates with a value that the both of you share.

    3.     Personalise it

Nothing communicates your thoughts as well as a heartfelt note to go along with the gift. Remind your nearest and dearest that you care about and deeply cherish having them in your life.

    4.     Treat yourself well

Don’t forget to make sure that your own needs are well taken care of as well. The best gift you can give your loved ones is the gift of your healthiest self so that you can truly enjoy the festive season together.