Why Eggs at Easter

Why Eggs at Easter?

Contributed by SuperNature

Chocolate eggs are often gifted during Easter, have you ever wondered why?

Decorated engraved ostrich eggs that date back 60,000 years have been uncovered in Africa, showing that people have been adorning eggs with designs long before Easter came about.

Traditionally associated with death, fertility and rebirth, as well as with kingship, eggs were often found in graves. Recognising eggs as a symbol of new life, early Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ with eggs during Easter.

The use of eggs as favours or treats at Easter originated when they were prohibited during Lent. During the medieval times in England, it was a common practice for children to go door-to-door begging for eggs on the Saturday before Lent began. People handed out eggs as special treats for children prior to their fast and hence the evolution of Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.

Today, we offer chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday or get children to embark on Easter egg hunts to find the dyed and painted eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny.