Boost your Immunity with Essential Oils

Boost your Immunity with Essential Oils

Contributed by SuperNature

If you are feeling a little apprehensive about all those nasty bugs that are floating around at the moment, you’re certainly not alone. They’ve claimed a lot of casualties and do so every year.

Most of us are fully briefed on how prepare ourselves by guarding against airborne germs and doing all we can to fortify our bodies and immune systems:
·       Eating well (fresh fruit, veggies and whole foods)
·       Avoiding toxins (e.g. sugar and alcohol)
·       Washing hands (paying close attention to hygiene)
·       Resting (getting plenty of sleep)

But if you want to add another layer of protection against ills and chills, then using pure, organic, therapeutic essential plant oils to build up the defences is a great place to start.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Immunity
·       Eucalyptus Australiana (organic) - quite possibly the best known cold and flu remedy of all time
·       Lavender True (organic) - calming, relaxing, complete family care
·       Tea Tree Oil (organic)- a general immune tonic, cleansing and antibacterial
·       Lemon Essential Oil (organic)- family-friendly, refreshing and immune boosting
·       Peppermint (organic) - supports healthy breathing, clears congestion

Or if you’d prefer to have a total solution in one bottle:
·       Immune Plus (organic)
·       Child Care: Immune Plus (organic)

These blends are professionally formulated to bring the most effective combination of pure essential oils together for maximum immune protection and health. They are pure blend magic!

How to use our essential plant oil blends for enhanced wellness
·       Therapeutic bath (adult) - 10 drops of Immune Plus added to a bath/foot bath 2-3 x a week, daily to cure ills and chills
·       Therapeutic bath (child) - 3-5 drops of Child Care: Immune Plus to 1 cup of milk diluted in a bath 1-2 x a week for prevention, daily to cure ills and chills.
·       Diffusion (adult) - 10 drops of Immune Plus into Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser, refresh every 2 hours.
·       Diffusion (child) - 5 drops as above, refresh once per night. NB: if sharing a bedroom with your child, use the Child Care: Immune Plus blend only.
·       Direct Boost (adult) - Rub 1-2 drops of Immune Plus to pulse points and soles of feet, repeat 2-5 x daily.
·       Direct Boost (child over 2yrs) - Rub 1 drop of Child Care: Immune Plus to soles of feet 2 x daily, or add 1 drop to collar of pyjamas or jumper 2-5 x daily and at night.

NOTE: Essential oil usage is becoming more mainstream. Alongside the commercialisation of the industry we’re seeing some ‘big name’ brands claiming to be pure and organic, when in fact they are not (adulterants are added to reduce costs). At Absolute Essential we only use pure, certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with maximum purity and restorative value. Please purchase wisely. Not only for your own health and wellbeing, but for the health of the planet too.