COMO Shambhala's Healthy Eating Principles

COMO Shambhala's Healthy Eating Principles

COMO Shambhala’s five key healthy eating principles will help guide you on your path to holistic wellness and nutrition. Each one proves itself simple to understand and easy to implement.

Proper Portions
We live in a supersized world. Food portions, plate sizes and our waistlines keep getting larger and larger. Recalibrating our eyes (and stomachs) to proper portions makes for maximum digestion and energy balance.

Intrinsically, humans are creatures of habit, especially with food. Experimenting with new flavours and textures might intimidate, but it is vital to obtaining adequate amounts of vitamins and trace minerals. You’ll find it easy to get out of your comfort zone, discovering new flavours, textures and aromas.

Natural Ingredients, Food and Products
Eating from the earth is the most important step towards good health. Mother Nature cannot be captured in a pill or extract. Research on preservatives, artificial ingredients and dyes is limited, but it is estimated that an average American eats his or her own body weight in additives each year. As rates of chronic illnesses, allergies and autoimmune disorders rise, it becomes even more paramount to choose foods from the earth, not from a science lab.

Respecting Nature
The foods you eat impact the environment. From farm, to packing, to consumption, to waste, you can make a difference. Eating seasonally, locally and sustainably is key to protecting the natural eco-systems. Minimising the number of steps it takes for food to reach your plate helps maintain more nutrients, supports local business, and it usually means the food tastes better, too.

Eating Mindfully
We live in a world that promotes busyness. Eating at a desk, in front of the television or in the car are common. But meals offer a time to refuel and socialise, and we should take advantage of that break. Because it takes up to 30 minutes for your major hunger hormone (Ghrelin) to decline and realise you’re sated, eating slowly, consciously and with intention, helps increase satisfaction. Look at the clock next time you eat, put your fork down between bites, chew slowly and enjoy the moment.