Living Well | Edible Holiday Gift Ideas

Edible Holiday Gift Ideas

Contributed by Eve Persak, Nutrition Advisor, MS RD CNSC CSSD

Yearends are always filled with a seemingly endless stream of dinner parties – and a list of gifts that grows with every accepted invitation.

Rather than a run-of-the-mill present for the host, how about a little something more thoughtful and healthful?

Here’s a selection of edible gift ideas that you can give loved ones and friends to inspire healthier food choices during the holiday season.  

Homemade baked goods

Surprise your hosts with a gift that will be appreciated the day after - when the last thing on their minds is whipping up a meal for themselves. A freshly baked homemade gift makes for a delicious and healthy breakfast or lovely teatime snack.

If you need an easy bake, try this nut-free Carrot Zucchini Loaf Cake or Healthy Muffin. For a sweet vegan option that everyone will enjoy, you won’t go wrong with the Vegan Amazon Cacao Cake.

Therapeutic teas

A warm cup of tea is always welcome, any time of the day. Put together a specially curated selection of teas that’ll soothe, relax or invigorate. From a crisp lemon ginger tea that supports immunity, to a mellow licorice that aids digestion or a herbal blend that calms before bedtime, there’s a brew for any mood or occasion. Shop SuperNature’s range of organic wellness teas here.

Gourmet quality oils

The epicurean host will appreciate a bounty of organic, cold-pressed quality oils. More flavourful than regular oils – thanks to the provenance of the ingredients and the stringent processes involved - taste the difference that these premium oils bring to the table. Plus, with more flavour, often less oil is required, resulting in dishes lower in both total fat and calories.  Opt for a trio of versatile, nutritious oils - such as olive, flaxseed and coconut - that can be used for fresh dips and dressings, as well as grilling marinades and sautés.

Fresh produce

Encourage healthful eating during the holiday season with one of SuperNature’s Farm Boxes. With a selection of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, the Farm Box makes it easy to balance out the rich traditional dishes –baked pastas, roast turkeys and sweet puddings – with lighter salads, crudités and juices.


Not exactly an edible gift per se, but consider gift vouchers that encourage your loved ones to eat well. Whether redeemable at a restaurant that is known for sourcing and using only premium ingredients – such as COMO Cuisine – or a market dedicated to organic and natural products – like SuperNature, this gift of health will be well appreciated.