Organic Goodness in Our Juice Farm Box

Organic Goodness in Our Juice Farm Box

Contributed by Joanne Barber

Juicing goes as far back as before 150 BC, with the Dead Sea Scrolls noting that mashing pomegranates and figs provided ‘profound strength and subtle form’. In current times, we often see it as an easy way to get our daily dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – without the GMOs, pesticides or chemicals.

Whether you’re a dedicated morning juicer or jumping back on the health wagon, SuperNature’s Juice Farm Box provides a varied selection of fresh in-season fruits and vegetables for all your juicing needs.

Here’s what’s in your SuperNature Juice Farm Box and how each produce supports you and your family’s health:

Juicing Apples: An apple a day may be exactly what you need to keep wrinkles – and the cardiologist - away. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, get an anti-ageing boost from this cholesterol- and fat-free fruit. Packed with pectin - a water-soluble fibre - apples improve lung function and gut health while lowering blood cholesterol.

Celery: This crunchy, low-calorie vegetable is a potent source of flavonoids, which have been proven to effectively reduce inflammations, the risk of heart disease and bolster the immune system. With its high Vitamin K content, this versatile vegetable also helps to build strong bones. Juice or snack on four stalks a day to enjoy these health benefits.

Black Kale: This well-known superfood has an abundance of vitamin A and essential minerals including iron and calcium. With its high chlorophyll and sulphur content, it supports the body’s natural ability to detox and guards the body against radiation.

Carrot: Carrots are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A to support our vision and immune system. Regular intake of carrots also keeps the digestive system in tip-top condition and lowers the risk of intestinal disorders.

Broccoli: Part of the cabbage family, not the cauliflower clan, broccoli is great for boosting immunity and brain function, while alleviating the effects of rheumatoid arthritis - thanks to its high concentration of phytochemicals and sulforaphane.

Beetroot: Another amazing heart-healthy superfood, beetroot is chock-full of the amino acid betaine, which strengthens the bones, protects the heart and cleanses the kidneys. This root vegetable also naturally sweetens your juice and provides you with a healthy dose of potassium, magnesium, folate and B-vitamins.

Orange: This juicy citrus is an excellent source of vitamin C, which promotes healthy skin and gums, repairs and regenerates tissues as well as combats free radicals. How can you get the most out of your oranges? Drink up immediately after juicing fresh oranges, as vitamin C loses its potency quickly when exposed to air.

Grapefruit: The pectin in grapefruits is known to reduce hunger, aid in weight loss, strengthen blood vessels and reduce arterial plaque build-up. Rich in the bioflavonoid naringenin, grapefruit juice is a good drink to have at night as it promotes sleep – especially helpful for those suffering from insomnia.

Lemon: Lemons are the most effective detoxifier amongst all the citrus fruits. Its health benefits are endless - from alleviating asthma, relieving headaches to balancing your body’s pH levels. Have lemon with honey to sooth a sore throat or ease the symptoms of a cold or the flu.

Cucumber: As cucumbers have a water composition of more than 90 per cent, eating or drinking them on a hot summer day can help to keep you hydrated. Cucumbers are a mild diuretic and can counteract toxins and cleanse the blood, while purifying the skin. Cucumber juice is also known natural remedy for kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.

So, reap the many health benefits of SuperNature’s Juice Farm Box today. Happy organic juicing!