Skincare for Children- Gently Does It

Skincare for Children- Gently Does It

Contributed by Joanne Barber

Your baby’s certified organic bath wash may not lather up as much as you’d like but that doesn’t mean it’s not doing its job to clean baby’s skin.  Think twice before you swap it for one that promises a tub of suds and foamy fun.

Children’s skin are naturally thin, delicate and more sensitive as compared to adults’. So parents, take extra care to ensure what you put on their skin doesn’t contain harmful synthetic chemicals that may penetrate deep into the body and bloodstream.  

So, what’s a parent to do when selecting skincare for their young ones? Here are some tips:

1. Keep it simple

Babies may be exposed to a myriad of products in a single day – from shampoos, baby powders to nappy creams and massage oils. Cut back on the number of products and – most importantly - chemicals your children are exposed to each day.

2. Read your labels and avoid these ingredients

Words that contain 16 or more letters are a good indication that a product is synthetic. Give sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde and parabens a miss as these can irritate and dry out skin. 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3 Diol, Oxybenzone, BHA, Triclosan and DMDM Hydrantion, are all highly sensitising to the skin and should be avoided as well.

Choose certified organic products instead. These follow very strict formulation criteria, and rely on simple ingredients from pure and natural sources.

3. Say no to fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are known skin irritants that do not have any therapeutic benefits. If you prefer something with a scent, choose products with light and calming essential oil blends, which can double up to soothe irritated skin.

4. Ignore marketing claims

Marketing claims are not regulated so don’t assume the ingredients are natural, botanical or organic unless they’ve been certified by an approved certification body such as USDA or Soil Association. Certified organic products meet a strict code of standards, including ensuring that they do not contain GMO ingredients, harsh toxic chemicals or parabens, or have been tested on animals.


Remember these tips and enjoy some safe, sudsy fun with your little tots!