Stress Less, Sleep More with Organic Essential Oils

Stress Less, Sleep More with Organic Essential Oils

Contributed by SuperNature

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The effects of a busy lifestyle can manifest not just emotionally but also physically, by way of a stressed body and mind, and sleepless nights.  

The good news is that therapeutic quality essential oils can be a highly effective way to aid sleep and restore a healthful balance – not just for your but the whole family.

When: Tuesday 5th November
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Where: SuperNature #B1-05 Forum Shopping Mall
Speaker: Dr Bo Hendgen (DO ND AM)

Join us for this fascinating hands-on session and we’ll show you how!

This is priceless knowledge that you can easily and safely take away to incorporate into your daily routine.

About Dr Bo Hendgen

Join the Founder, Director of Absolute Essentials & Leading Holistic Healthcare Expert as she shares her mastery and insights into one of nature’s most powerful forms of natural healthcare.

Dr Bo Hendgen has over 30 years clinical experience in Aromatic Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy & Paediatrics.

Bring all our questions and get the answers.