Gut Health Workshop

Gut Health Workshop

Contributed by SuperNature

Who are we?
Founded in Singapore in 2017 by Victoria McKellar and Dr Elizabeth Biggs. 
Elizabeth and Victoria first met in Singapore in 2011 and together with their complimentary views realised there was a better way to improve the health of themselves and their families. Elizabeth and Victoria collaborated using available evidence emerging from research, they decided that together they would create the Akesi probiotic product line to help people make dietary and lifestyle changes for the health of the gut, and in turn the health of the body.

Talk date: Tuesday 7th May
Time: 7:30-8:30pm
Subject: Your gut as your super organ
Speaker: Victoria McKellar and Dr Elizabeth Biggs

Talking Points:
Your gut as your super organ 
The connection between your microbiota and diet
Brain-gut axis, or is it the gut-brain axis?
The gut and your hormones, what’s coming?
How medication affects the gut
Lifestyle tips and biohacks

While you’re listening enjoy a sampling of their Bio-Fermented Tonics!