Keeping It Natural This Festive Season

Keeping It Natural This Festive Season

This holiday season, enjoy sumptuous feasts as nature intended – with no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. From organic turkeys to carrots, feast with ease and taste the difference.

We recommend:

Diestel Organic Turkey 

Diestel organic turkeys are slow-grown in the clean Sierra Nevada Foothills where they are raised longer to develop flavour naturally. Fed a wholesome low-fat vegetarian diet of quality grains and soybeans milled on the Diestel ranch, the birds are completely free of growth stimulants and hormones. Perfect for the grill, barbeque and roasting, enjoy tender, juicy meat with that real old-fashioned turkey flavour. Delicious!

Rhug Estate Organic Beef 

Raised with the highest standards at the Rhug Estate Organic Farm in Wales, this award-winning organic Aberdeen Angus beef is served in top Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. Treat your loved ones to a hearty beef stew or a perfect chargrilled steak that boasts rich flavor, without any added hormones or antibiotics.      

Inglewood Farm Chicken 

Exclusively available at SuperNature, Inglewood Farms’ premium quality certified organic chickens are raised and grown at nature’s pace. The result? Superior taste and lean, succulent meat. Whether you’re cooking for health or eating for pleasure, Inglewood's birds are better for you.

Organic Carrots Rainbow 

Incorporate a rainbow of carrots - red, yellow, purple and white - into your festive dishes and enjoy a wider range of healthful benefits. Each carrot hue offers different nutritional benefits. The lycopene in red carrots protects you from cardiovascular disease; lutein, the xanthophylls carotenoid in yellow carrots decreases the risk of macular degeneration in your eyes; and the anthocyanins in purple carrots are especially powerful antioxidants that can support your immune health.